Cozy Family Beach house

From Sketch to Reality

Nestled on the serene shores of Lake Huron, this exquisite summer residence promises a life of unparalleled lakefront luxury and is the perfect family retreat. Every inch of this haven is designed to optimize the breathtaking panorama, with expansive windows and sleek glass railings ensuring an unobstructed canvas of shimmering waters. The glass doors to the lake slide completely open, bringing the outside in.  

Step inside to find interiors echoing the charm of coastal elegance: pristine shiplap walls lend a touch of seaside sophistication, while the honey-colored hickory flooring complements the natural light flooding in. From sunrise to sunset, each room becomes a tranquil vantage point, capturing the ever-changing moods of Lake Huron.

Here, memories are crafted, and generations are bonded in the embrace of nature’s grandeur. You don’t just live by the lake – you immerse in its timeless beauty every moment of every day. 

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