Feasibility Study

We start with a feasibility study to determine your budget and discuss your options. 




We will then conduct a site evaluation to make the best recommendations for orienting your home’s windows, doors, access to roads, and more.


Wish List

We start creating your wish list for your dream. Using Pinterest where you can save visuals that inspire you. 



Conceptual DRAWING

Next it’s time to take what we have learned and sketch out drawings to put your vision on to paper. 


Engineered floorplan

After we have your vision our next step is to precisely frame out your project. 



Architectual DRAWING

Next that floorplan will be translated into a scaled drawing. This will give you an idea of scale and overall design of the project. 


Color Rendering

To help envision your project the team at LaDuke will then create color renderings. You will know exactly what the final project will look look like before the first nail is hammered.



Let's Build

Once construction begins, we send you weekly progress reports and photos to recap the week’s progress. Each report includes order confirmations and cost tracking reports for materials. At LaDuke Construction, we give all of our clients the quality service we expect, and we are proud to offer our clients that quality.