Modern-Shed - The Original
The Solution You Have Been Looking For!

Modern-Shed provides solutions for limited living and storage space problems. You might be considering a home addition, converting current space such as a garage, bedroom, attic, basement, bonus room, or enclosed carport to create extra space. Modern-Shed provides the best solution: it creates more room and a private space just steps away from your main home. Whether for an office space, artists’ studio, or game room, Modern-Shed can be designed and hand-built to suit your needs and personal tastes.

Modern-Shed’s pre-fabricated panels can be carried into tight spaces for a quick, simple assembly. A new quiet space or playroom can be created easily without converting any existing space.

The panels used to create a Modern-Shed are designed for on-site assembly. Fabricated by a small team of highly-experienced workers in the Modern-Shed factory, the panels’ structures are engineered to meet building code requirements  in jurisdictions requiring a permit.

Modern-Shed’s knowledge and years of experience allows them to create durable structures that will outlast ordinary garden sheds, exceeding expectations to create unique, custom sheds. Their floors are built to withstand any items placed on them. Wall panels can be insulated, making the shed suitable for use in any climate.

To get started with your own Modern-Shed, please contact Adrianna Somers at  (810) 364-5600.